Minae Kim //b.1981

Solo Exhibitions
2018 GIROGI, Atelier Hermes, Seoul
2015 Conditional Drawings, Doosan Gallery, New York
2014 Black, Pink Balls, Doosan Gallery, Seoul
2013 Thoughts on Habit, HADA Contemporary, London
2008 Anonymous Scenes, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibitions
2018 Double Negative: From Whitecube to Netflix, Arko Art Center, Seoul
///////The Expanded Manual, Nam Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
///////Unclosed Bricks: Crevices of Memory, Arko Art Center, Seoul

///////New Acquisitions: Heaven, Earth & Man
, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
///////When Life Becomes Art, Children's Museum MMCA, Gwacheon
///////Point Counter Point, Art Sonje Center, Seoul
2017 O Philoi, oudeis philos, Atelier Hermes, Seoul
///////Cracks in the Concrete, National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea
///////Lesson Zero
, National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, Gwacheon
///////Samramansang, National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, Seoul
2016 APT Shots 2016: Mind Out, Apt Gallery, London
2015 Move & Scale, Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul
///////Afterpiece, Insa Art Space, Seoul
2014 ArtSpectrum 2014, Leeum: Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul
2013 The Next Generation, Doosan Gallery, Seoul
///////New Visions New Voices, National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea
2012 Young London 2012, V22, London
///////#10, FORT, London
///////Twin Town, Korean Cultural Centre, London
///////The Forces Behind, Doosan Gallery, New York
///////Volta 8_Union Galle
ry, Dreispitzhalle, Basel
///////Place Not Found, Forman's smokehouse Gallery, London
///////The Function of the Oblique: Action, Son Gallery, London
///////The Function of the Oblique: Resistance, No Format Gallery, London
///////30cm of Obscurity, The Old Police Station, London
///////In Forward-Reserve, Schwartz Gallery, London
////// "When I spoke its name, it came to me and became a flower.",
///////7 Rue Gustave Nadaud, Paris
///////5th 4482: Map the Korea, Barge House in Oxo Tower Wharf, London
///////As Small as a World and Large as Alone, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
///////The Forces Behind, Doosan Gallery, Seoul
2011 Bloomberg New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Sheffield/ ICA, London
////// Incheon Women Artists' Biennale_Main Exhibition: Terra Cognita, /////// ///////Incheon Culture and Arts Center, Incheon
///////A Future Pump House, Pump House Gallery, London
///////Show RCA 2011, Royal College of Art, London
///////Space Study, Plateau: Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul
///////Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Award Exhibition: Eonu Society of
///////Sculptors, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul///////
4th 4482: Rhizosphere, Barge House in Oxo Tower Wharf, London
2010 Future's Future's Future, Korean Cultural Centre UK, London
///////Oblique Strategies, Kukje Gallery, Seoul
///////The Welcoming City, Jubilee Park in Canary Wharf, London
///////Lunch is for Wimps, Triumph showroom, London
///////Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London
///////Embrace, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh
2009 Finding Lee Junho ( ), Takeout Drawing in Arko, Seoul
////// Group show, Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin
////// RCA Secret 2009, Royal College of Art, London
////// Aim High, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
////// Some… Scenes, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2008 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Grau Gallery, Seoul
2007 Funny Funny 6, Gallery Sejul, Seoul
////// Neo-Utopia, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
////// 29th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
////// Iron and Arts, Iron Museum, Umseong
2006 Silla, Gyeongju National Museum, Gyeongju
////// Iron and Arts Symposium, Iron Museum, Umseong
////// Three Temptations, Gallery Woodeok, Seoul
2005 Five Senses+@, Hongik Univ. Gallery of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2004 Preview 2, Alternative Space Team Preview, Seoul
////// The Stage-Imagination Relay in Club, 5th Exhibition Hall, Gwangju
////// Biennale, Gwangju
////// Project A.L. space 3, Main Library of Chongsin Univ., Seoul
////// Hadaeri Art Festival ‘Vacation of Art’, Hadae-ri Community Hall,
////// Hoengseong

2018 TasteView, Tastehouse, Seoul
///////Hangang Art Park, Yeouido Park, Seoul
2017 The Scrap, 24 Wangsan-ro 9-gil, Dongdaemun-gu
, Seoul
2013 Richard Smith - Minae Kim - Hyukgue Kwon, Winter Projects, London
2012 White Rain, collaboration with Soonhak Kwon, Union Gallery, London
2011 Gold Pond, solo performance along with the discussion -
////// Modernism: A Sentimental Myth, ICA, London
2009 Novel 01: Footnotes without Text, publication by roundabout, Seoul

2011 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London
2007 MFA, Graduate School of Seoul National University, Seoul
2004 BFA Sculpture, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul

Awards, Grants & Residencies
2013 Inger Lawrance Awards, Unversity of Oxford, UK
////// Doosan Yonkang Artist Awards, Yonkang Foundation, KR
2012 Sculpture Shock Award, Finalist, Royal British Society of Sculptors, UK
2011 Selected Artist, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, UK
2008 National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts, Arts Council Korea, KR
2007 29th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize, 25 Artists of Year, 2nd Prize, KR
2019 Nanji Residency, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
2015 Doosan Residency, New York, USA
2012 Gasworks International Residency, London, UK